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These exquisitely collectable and highly detailed handcrafted bird sculptures are made from pewter in the highlands of Scotland to the highest standard and quality. The sculptures are created and hand made by the renowned Pewter Artists Tony Brown (A.R.Brown) and Terry Brown (T.S.Brown).


falcon sculptureFalcons are formidable hunters that prey on other birds, including bats, in mid-flight. They are fast-flying highly agile birds dropping down on their prey from high above in a spectacular stoop. Falcons can be found along rocky seacliffs where there are plenty of shorebirds and have been known to live on bridges and skyscrapers in large cities.

Approx 65mm in height (varies between models) £85

From the collection of renowned Pewter Artists Tony Brown and Terry Brown

pheasant sculpture
£85 Pheasant
hovering kingfisher sculpture
£85Hovering Kingfisher SOLD OUT
kingfisher sculpture
£85 Kingfisher
barn owl sculpture
£85Barn Owl